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Recreational Acro

Join us this fall for our Grand ReOpening of Acro Academy. Our fully certified professional teaching staff will provide your child with the highest quality of Acro dance instruction. 

Please register for classes by email

2.5 - 4 years

Toddler Tumble

Let your toddler tumble with ease at Acro Academy. Parent participation encouraged but not required. 
cost $100.00+ hst

4- 6 years

Mini Music and Movement

Does your child love to dance? We have created a program that will introduce your child to the different forms of dance including acro! With music and movement as the focus in this class, your child can explore gross motor skills freely with enthusiastic and professional instructors.
cost $100.00+hst

4-6 years

Acro Allstars

Acro Allstars is an advanced acro program. Children in this class should have the basic acro skills such as handstands and cartwheels mastered. Those who are interested in registering for competitive acro in the future should follow this stream. 
cost $120.00+hst

6 + years

Beginner Acro

Hands on , hands down and hands under! This program will teach your acrobat how to transition safely to being upside down. skills worked on in this program are Handstands, Bridges, Cartwheels, and basic static skills. We will also teach basic music counts and dance steps to build the acro dance experience. 
cost $120.00+hst

6 + years

Intermediate Acro

This program has been designed to build onto the basic movement skills mastered in the beginner program. Front and backwalkover will be taught in this class. Flexibility will be a focus as well as dance combinations that are used in Acro.
cost $120.00+hst

6+ years

Advanced Acro

Advanced acro will work specifically on handsprings and aerials. In this program we will focus on strength and flexibility, as well as more advanced acro dance techniques. students enrolled in this program must have their walkovers mastered. 
cost $120.00+hst

50+ years

Adult Dance 50+

Get that body moving with our Dance class for 50+. With a variety of different dance techniques, you'll be sure to keep those feet happy without skipping a beat!  cost $120.00 + hst

6 + years

Elite Acro

Its time to fly!! Students will master their handsprings and be introduced to aerials and saltos. Its important that students in this class have a strong background in dance and acro. Strength and flexibility training will be a priority in this program as well as high level acro dance technique. 

cost $120.00+hst


All September-October classes are currently FULL

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Registration September 20, 2020


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