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Our staff is an incredible and dedicated team. Not only are they amazing with children, fostering a warm and nurturing environment, but they also wholeheartedly support the vision of Acro Academy.



As the founder and owner of Acro Academy, she has crafted a haven for Acro dance enthusiasts. With a passion for teaching, she specializes in both competitive and recreational acro. Her dedication to excellence is evident through her role as a certified tumbling teacher, boasting an impressive track record of high skill success rates. Through her leadership, Acro Academy has become a place where students not only learn, but thrive guided by Miss Ashley's expertise and unwavering commitment to their growth.


Our exceptional dance teacher who has lived and breathed dance from day one. With a lifetime immersed in movement, she's mastered a multitude of style, from hip-hop to ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary and the breathtaking world of Acro. Yet, what truly sets Miss Kallie apart is her passionate and gentle approach. With a heart as soft as her movements, she engages children with kindess, creating an environment where dancers can flourish their love for dance.



A true inspiration, a shining start born from our very own Acro Academy Dance Studio. Having once been under the expert guidance of Miss Ashley herself, she embarked on an Acro journey that propelled her to the pinnacle of success before the age of 18. Now as a valued team member of our staff, her influence reaches beyond the studio walls. A role model that our students look up to with great admiration, she embodies the spirit of dedication, perseverance, and excellence. Miss Sami reminds us all that the dance world has no limits when one is fueled by passion and guided by exceptional mentorship.


Our newest rising star at Acro Academy. From her impressive year as an assistant teacher, she has now ascended to the role of a dedicated acro instructor. With a magnetic charm, she captivates our younger dancers , effortlessly intertwining her incredible tumbling finesse and acro dance artistry. The studio lights up under her guidance as she masterfully crafts an environment brimming with fun, passion and positivity. Her journey from student to mentor serves as a shining example of the remarkable growth fostered at Acro Academy, leaving a trail of admiration and inspiration in her wake.

Our Staff: Classes


Meet our rising star, a student turned instructor at Acro Academy, whose unwavering passion for learning and growth shines brightly. With a heart that gravitates towards children, her love and care create an environment where young dancers flourish. As she steps into her role with enthusiasm, it's clear that a future of teaching brilliance awaits her. She exemplifies the remarkable potential that blooms within our Acro 
Academy community.


Meet our meticulous Accounts Manager, a true architect of precision and numbers. She orchestrates the financial landscape of our studio with exceptional detail-oriented finesse. Her eagle-eyed attention to invoices is a testament to her commitment to accuracy. A pillar of reliability, she's the force behind the scenes that upholds the financial foundation of our studio.



A true problem solver, she's the one who fixes things with ease, maintaining an environment where dancers can flourish without worry. Our Facility Manager Miss Patti, is a constant helping hand and a friendly face that greets every student. Her warm demeanour and dedication have made her a beloved figure within our Acro Academy community, a cornerstone of reliability that keeps our studio thriving day after day.


Meet the creative force behind our seamless connections at Acro Academy, our Communications Coordinator. With a contagious excitement for our studio, her genuine adoration is palpable in every email she crafts. Quick to respond, she ensures that emails are not only answered thoroughly but leave no room for uncertainty.Through her dedication, she has curated a masterpiece of information that stands as a testament to her commitment to our Acro Academy family

Our Staff: Classes
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